Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Are Big BMW's the uncoolest cars in the world and can a slug play hide & seek

It appears that some BMW drivers are fools, dad had one overtake him today in a thirty limit while travelling though a small town, the BMW then got stuck in a queue so dad made rude gestures at him. But the BMW then overtook half the queue on a blind corner with double white lines. It then in theory had to stop for a red light at traffic lights, but it overtook the rest of the queue and drove straight through the lights without stopping and was never seen again.

It is not uncommon for the drivers of big BMW’s to be driving right up behind other motorists and we have come to the conclusion that sadly these cars are very uncool to own because they seem to be the first choice of IDIOTS or as dad would call them ********** IDIOTS.  A shame really because they are quite nice cars but as dad says that is no good if everyone thinks IDIOT when they see you driving your big flash BMW like an IDIOT or even not like an IDIOT. So that’s it no big flash BMW’s for us then…….. PHEW.

I spent the evening thinning out some trees that were growing above a greenhouse; it was the greenhouse that was glowing in the dark the other night only it has not glowed in the dark since which is rather a shame. Anyway I did manage to do this without smashing the greenhouse which is good as you need greenhouses if you are planning to become an eco warrior.  The dog says in the good old days any true eco warrior would chain himself to a tree (we met one of them in book one who was accidently mistaken for an Alien I think), and the dog very kindly offered to chain me to a tree in the wood. I was quite happy not being chained to a tree as I was having fish pie for tea.  It turned out that the dog was planning to chain me to a tree then eat my fish pie and tell everyone I was playing hide and seek with some pet slugs that we had trained to leap through burning hoops.  

No one was ever going to believe that story, after all when have I ever missed a meal and everyone knows that slugs are rubbish at hide and seek, and as me and the dog found out leaping through burning hoops too.

OOoooooo my good friend Miss Fionaski has just reminded me of my possible fatal error my mushrooms were a bit dry this morning AAAAAAAaaaauuuuuuuugghhhhHHHHh will this be the end of my mushroom race, will I have fallen by the way side, who can tell …….. The dog is rolling about and says he thinks it’s extremely FUNGI  


  1. I want to eXperiment with making biodiesel, but the methanol and caustic are not available in my town for a decent price. One place requires a minimum order of $400, which is a bit much just to do an eXperiment, and its bulky in 55 gal drums. Besides I am scheduled (soon) to receive only 5 gallons of old grease to play with at the moment. Plus I need to build reactors, a tiny one first, then a bigger one. Fun with chemistry. I hope mine doesn't glow in the dark like your greenhouse.

  2. I don't know what the American equivalent of a fish and chip shop is. That is the place (plaice HA HA HA H A HAHA HH HA)where in the UK we get our favourite meal, fish and chips all deep fried and covered in batter (Well Yum if a little unhealthy). Anyway there is a man a couple of miles away who runs his old Diesel van on old chip shop cooking oil, it works quite well. The only real problem is that is does seem to smell a bit of stale cooking oil. And you do need to remember to strain out the bits of fish, potato and batter. I think it works best with old Victorian diesels rather than those super techy new ones

  3. My biggest problem at the moment appears to be an electrical problem with my truck, so I am busy spending money and time on that first before I do any buying of stuff for biodiesel. But being a chemist this does sound like great fun, getting to have a chemical reactor and other wonderful things, who knows where it might lead, and of course I mean the American word for chemist, not the British version.

  4. Are not chemists universal Mr ESB