Sunday, 18 December 2011

Large canvas tarpaulins and Patrick Moore telling of Life on Venus turning our bodies to Slimy Jelly

I finally finished the box for the Cormorant this afternoon so the beast in now in its box PHEW, at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop where I spent the day helping out and shouting at the public. It does help to keep them on their toes and stops to many of them roaming about aimlessly.

Even dad was there today and was dead pleased because he met a man who had two large canvas tarpaulins he was about to throw away, No one gets to throw stuff away if dad is about they are meant to be about sixteen foot by twenty four foot. So dad says they will be ideal to set up for a party some time. Dad likes parties but not people so he has parties on his own, well I get to go too and mum and the dog and the parrot and the cats and probably the badgers will turn up if there is food. Badgers are well known gate crashers of parties and gates.

It was Mystic Ali’s Big Christmas Fair in Montgomery town hall today, we had forgotten about that so there were a lot of wizards and warlocks and witches roaming about but they don’t really come to see Mr Beelzebub much.  Mum did say I could go and get some lucky heather if I wanted, but I said that she was not there.

I got too see Venus tonight. It is one of the pluses of living away from the hill, we have a lot more sky (not the TV channels) to look at, and Venus as we all known is the bright thing in the sky. Well after the dogs flare gun anyway. He says it helps him spot the badgers as they are scaring the cats, well its either badgers or Yeti or big-foot, but none of them are overly keen on flare guns in the middle of the night. Nor is Patrick Moore as it happens when he is doing a live “Sky at Night” to tell folk about life on Venus and how it will be coming to eat us all next year and turn our bodies to Slimy Jelly. Apparently the rating have fallen a bit lately for “The Sky at Night” and it is part of a cunning plan to improve them.


  1. you can see Saturn if you look southwards. its really bright and even pops out through the clouds.
    it is much better living out in the sticks away from all the city lights. the night sky can be amazing.

    if your computer is upto to it, and youre into it, id download stellarium. its quite good for helping to spot stars and the like. and its free.

  2. I will look up the Stella thing soon or at a point in time when I have the time to do such things which I don't at the present time because the present time is full of things that take all the time up. I must find Saturn. The dog says it is one of the few planets that will respond to a mobile phone because it has a good ring ............ HA HA HA HA HAH AHH AHAHH ah hahh ahah hah ahh ahhhaha hahah ahahhahah ah hha

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