Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The curse of BT, the nice little old lady and a steam powered gizmo

It appears our telephone will be a few more days because despite the fact the nice little old lady who did live here, telling BT of her move (in fact she has done it three times now), BT can not change the number yet. It appears it is because the nice little old lady is in temporary accommodation, she does not have a official home and without an official home BT will not move her number.

BT say she needs a home so her contract can be associated to a new home and until she has a new home her contract remains with this house. Dad said this is a stupid ********* bureaucratic ********* load of ******* rubbish, even mum agrees, and even the nice little old lady agrees. But BT insist that if you have a BT landline contract then there must be a landline at the other end, well they say that be we don’t now because BT will not let us have the telephone line in our house, even though it is our house and the little old lady has said its now our house. So as things stand she is now paying for mum and dad to complain at BT. What really irritated mum and dad this morning was a letter from BT welcoming the new residents of the house to the house and have they considered a contract with BT. The man at BT said they have a different database for those letters and it has nothing to do with the phones so dad said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggghhhHHHHH at the man from BT. Who said he will pass on his comment to the relevant department and they will be able to do something in due course, possibly in a week.

Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat ate the last bit of my bacon and had the last of the rather yummy organic cream tonight and are now sat in front of an open fire getting warm. They of course have no interest in BT and so don’t care that the dog is banned from ordering home delivery pizza and chips with curry with extra chilli sauce plus Nan bread, ice cream and triple cheese burgers. The dog says he is starving to death and it is all very well us eating fresh leaks from the garden, but he is a dog and needs fresh BT engineer on the bone.

I think I may have found one of my jackets now, I saw an arm poking out from under a steam powered gizmo thing that dad recons we might need, as it can be connected to the wind film oscillating beam retractor he used to power the lightless light. I have never seen the point of a lightless light, but that is probably because it’s too dark HA HA HAHA hah hah hah hah ahhah hahah hahhah hah hhahah hah hahah ha mum said IDIOT. Not sure if that’s me or dad because of his lightless light, I think mum was hoping the lightless light would ne left behind along with the mighty Hammond Organ but no, the are both here and hissing, along with Heavy Harry the Cat.  

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