Thursday, 20 October 2011

The house move a Mr Colonel Gaddafi and is the fabled Mondao Man buried in the burial mound.

The house move is getting well stressful as a man (a Mr Colonel Gaddafi) changed his mind in the chain and from what the rest of us  in the chain have been told, is in fact a serial puller out of house moves. Using these chains for his own evil purposes. So mum and dad have turned into complete gibbering IDIOTS, its not me this time WELL COOL …….AH mum has just said IDIOT again so maybe its me too.

There is no denying this house sale and buying lark is a right old game and that it only takes one person or as both mum and dad have called then “A lying cheating F************ing stupid ****** ******* Ba**********” to be as our solicitor rather politically correctly put it economical with the truth and it becomes rather stressful (or well Stressful). Dad and the dog say they thought they might go and see him with the flame thrower and sort of toast his toes a little but our solicitor says that it would not be the right thing to do, the dog and dad have said NOT FAIR.  What is more of a worry for me and my diary is that I will get blacked out from the real world sometime between the 4th and the 7th November and I am not sure when I will be back. The longer all this messing about goes on the longer I will be out of action.

Anyway our solicitor has been on the phone chatting as I write my tale and it looks like tomorrow might be The Day of the Long Pens when we will know if we will be in a house or a tent in a field with a cow and a few crows shouting at us. Making chip butties over an open fire (us not the crows) and singing songs round the camp fire into the dark and sticking hot needles into the effigy of a man.

Even Napoleon Beelzebub has had a little grumble now as he has to sort a pile of paperwork for a new client down in the bottom floor of his cellar (a Mr Colonel Gaddafi), that’s a bit of a coincidence; he is blaming dad and the dog. However dad and the dog are saying they just popped out to see the “lying cheating F************ing stupid ****** ******* Ba**********” (a Mr Colonel Gaddafi) who has messed up the house move and found him hiding in a concrete pipe not for from his home. And that it is all sorted now and he will not mess things up again. As mum says ITS GOOD TO TALK

Meanwhile At school they started the archaeological dig on the History teacher’s car. There is a huge amount of excitement among the archaeologists when they discovered that the car is a Ford Mondao, and there is talk of finding the fabled Mondao Man buried in the burial mound. Well call me an IDIOT but if it’s the History Teachers car then I would have thought that he was Mondao Man and he is still leaping about asking for his car back. (Just in case you are thinking WHAT, and wondering what is going on; please go and read yesterday’s diary entry. You see you can’t just skip bits out)…..

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