Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wildebeest, the Financial Times and the Christmas Angel in an Ark eating ice cream

An overcast Sunday with no wind no people, just a few Wildebeest, Sheep and Cows picking at the grass vergers, does not lend itself to a day of excitement. Even the dog has got his head buried in the Financial Times and is muttering about the impending global economic melt down. He thinks the price of bones is about to increase and he may have to eat the cats.

So I am writing this bit of my diary now, before I venture off to adventure although as things stand I may end up chasing Wildebeest up and down the road. This can be rather exciting when they stampede, but the problem is I am not a Lion and they tend to look at me and just carry on eating the grass vergers. It’s Mr Jenkins from next door’s new hobby, making religious relics out of grass, the local verger is very old and definitely a relic.

 Now look that is not the point; the point is I am not a lion, and to a Wildebeest that is an important point, mum has just said IDIOT she would not say that if I was a Lion I’m sure. Dam it I have lost the thread now so will go away and return much later. Bye

I have returned several hours later and guess what there is no one about, everyone who lives in our little road has vanished the main square has been abandoned so this is not the best situation for a diary. I think if they make the block buster movie this will be the point to go a get an ice-cream from those nice ladies in the aisle, although the dog says they vanished with the arc. Did they; I didn’t know that and is it an ark or an arc because that will effect the timing, I asked the dog but he said IDIOT.

Sunday in Montgomery. 
Unfortunately the Wildebeest has just run round the corner into the main square otherwise the town is deserted  

Anyway the one good thing that has come out of all this quiet is I have started the Christmas Angel (fairy) for the Christmas window in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop. Apparently I will be in big bother if I don’t get it done in time, it needs to be produced by the 4th November in time for the big Christmas Preview. YICKS. 

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