Saturday, 10 September 2011

The lunacy of the attack on the Twin Towers, the random unpredictability of subsequent events and Thirty Foot Steam Powered Ferrets

We have been listening to the wireless and in the last two days there has been much talk about the lunacy of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York by terrorists who believed that it was all in the name of God. It has been the tenth anniversary of the event so there has been a lot of discussion about it and the subsequent events.

 But like a Butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon Jungle causing a hurricane in Asia, it is impossible to predict the chain of events that such an action will cause. So there is a pointlessness to such actions. But then the response of the US and British governments also brings an uncertain random outcome too and so it goes on into the future. History has always shows us that the outcome of events by those trying to steer history for their own ends always ends in failure and conflict. They can never see or predict how the individuals involved are affected or their families and friends or those who come into contact with those individuals so the ripples spread like in a pond.

Not all the ripples as they spread are bad after all one of my good friends would not be a friend had it not been for all the distressing events that happened to them as a result of this act of terrorism. Although they have endured a long and hard ten years of pain they continue to produce ripples as they tread new paths like the millions of others throughout the world as they too are affected by these events.

You will notice I have become more philosophical and politically minded at the start of book two. The dog says I’m at that awkward age for a man, which according to the dog is between the ages of five and eighty seven when we finally loss the plot and sit and spend the day watching classic reruns of We Love Lucy on TV, who? …………….. Never mind.

I have been told by Miss Tiggy that the wandering Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Monster has started to wonder about life the universe and stuff like that, the dog thinks it is probably a side effect of mating with a ferret. I can see how a Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Monster might wonder how it ended up mating with a ferret; dad thinks it must be a design fault which as it was already malfunctioning is very likely indeed.

He is now worried that if the Thirty Foot Steam Powered Alien Monster becomes pregnant it might have a litter of Thirty Foot Steam Powered Ferrets. This just goes to show that even in the strange world of cyberspace there is a random unpredictability to events proving much of what I have said. Mum just said IDIOT so maybe I am wrong …….. Slightly.

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