Friday, 2 September 2011

Lentil Sheppard's Pie and things as they were before they were as they are.

It is Friday evening and Mercedes heads home tomorrow as School starts again on Monday. How did that happen? I was minding my own business and the holiday was lasting for ages then all of a sudden it is over. It seemed such a long time when it started but now it is almost gone it seems like no time at all, that’s not fair. Me and Mercedes spent part of the day going UGGGGGH YA SUCKS BOO and waving our arms about again but it did not really help.

It appears Mr Pickup is not happy either when he came everyone was grumbling about investment bankers and all the agro they were causing. But things were looking up and he was hoping that he could go back to the Big Metropolis and start organizing his multimillion pound bonus without the public shouting at him. Then today the market crashes and he says he will need to have a multimillion pound bonus to compensate for all the stress, but the public will just complain even more now. Mercedes called him a greedy capitalist ********. But Mr Pickup said thank you; he has had to work hard to be a greedy capitalist ******** and is very good at it. I don’t think that is quite what Mercedes meant really. I could hear mum and Mercedes muttering the word IDIOT.

Interestingly as I have been typing Sooty the cat just passed the window very quickly but vertically heading downwards going Meeeeoeooooowwwwww, he is OK though. I think Heavy Harry the Cat may have pitched the Dodo’s catapult from the wood and introduced Sooty the Cat to a new fun fair ride. They still don’t really get on too well even though Sooty does keep trying to be friendly.

The Ghost Writer has been in the grey office today so is a little brain dead tonight he was asking if I plan to have a big finish as this weekend will see the end of the book. WHAT how did that happen it is the last weekend of the book too. It will be a bit strange reaching the end of my diary. But the Ghost Writer said its rubbish and we can all return to things as they were before they were as things are. Mum said IDIOT.  By the way if anyone would like to make a last profound comment over the weekend before we all sail off into the sunset please do.

Just as we were all sitting down for a cup of tea after a rather yummy Lentil Sheppard’s Pie our friend Miss Frieda turned up for a cup of tea, She is a very good artist and writer and has run off with two pages of my diary and thinks I’m mad ….. WELL COOL.  


  1. Unrest is temporary. Peace is eternal.
    ...(my profound statement)

    Cheers, and good show!! HAR HAR :)