Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stephen Fry the very clever man whom is not a dog with fleas and does not glow in the dark

I live in the dark recesses of cyberspace in the back waters of the hills of rural Mid-Wales, the Ghost Writer lives in the hills of rural Mid-Wales even Nelson Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop is in a small square in a small unknown town in the hills of rural Mid-Wales. So why is life so busy all the time for us all. The Ghost writer says he is old and knackered and it’s NOT FAIR.

So what happened today to tell the truth I don’t remember I did go out but I came back and I remember I did meet a man who appears to know very little about things relating to IT. The Ghost Writer says this is quite common and very often those who do know about IT forget about those that don’t know about IT. The dog gets upset about people that don’t speak Latin which is almost everyone except Stephen Fry and the Pope.

For the international audience Stephen Fry is a very clever man who everyone likes, a bit like the dog only he is not a dog as he only has two legs and is probably not as hairy as a dog and does not have fleas (I hope). I think I will have a little break and return to my diary in a bit.

Have just had a Indian takeaway YUM. But I have noticed we always get a yogurt and cucumber dressing which we never order and on the lid appears to be written M/S only tonight me and the dog realized its not M/S but in fact is says MI5. That explains much because it’s a strange dressing and we always glow in the dark afterwards for ages, and it sets off dads Geiger counter so we recon they are using it to track our path when we use the Einstein Cube to go to the takeaway afterwards for a ice cream, bearing in mind the takeaway is in India. MI5 are still determined to get it (the Einstein Cube not an Indian takeaway) some how which is one of the reasons I don’t use it much and keep it hidden in a secret place under the hedge near the Pit of Doom with the annoying grumpy child in it who is still grumpy. Anyway MI5 are not very likely to think I am silly enough to hide the Einstein Cube under a hedge so it is safe there AH. Maybe I better move it now. Mum just said IDIOT, I also have a secret panel under the kitchen floor but apparently I cant use that either now.

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