Tuesday, 2 August 2011

No William Tell, no crossbow, no arrows, no orchestra and no apples. Just Charles Darwin and a Dodo

Another day looking at a few houses and like yesterday one of them was tiny tiny very very tiny even tinier than yesterday’s tiny house. So although it was nice it just had too many things that made it impossible although the Nanobot Family who live under my bed said it was just right for them.

In fact the Nanobot’s say that due to a successful economy from money I have lost under my bed and various city investment returns on Pirate Pete’s gold they are considering putting in an offer for the tiny tiny very tiny house. There is rumour that the neighbour is very grumpy but they think nano technology will enable them to deal with that. And the Italian man said he does not want a nono world living in his house so if the neighbour gives any problems he will arrange a small accident with a bridge and a concrete mixer during the bridges construction.

Of course this is all well and good but not much help to us. Even Mr Jenkins is wondering if he is going to move bearing in mind how our world works but we all said WHO CAN TELL, that’s like William Tell but with no crossbow, arrows or orchestra or apples.

It appears that Mercedes and her dad will be here at the weekend and so will Jim so I went to the woods to tell all of Jims plans. I have told them this before but time passes and we all forget stuff. The Dodo’s have been breeding very well and there is quite a flock of them, or is it a herd bearing in mind they don’t fly. The dog said they can fly but it involves a large catapult and a blindfold and he has to sabotage the catapult at least once a week to avoid accidents, apparently its how they became extinct. They are great at making catapults but rubbish at landing, the dog says all the stupid assumptions about man and dodo’s are wrong mans only mistake was showing them how to make a catapult and then leaving a diagram and instructions.

Now look what you have all done I have wasted all my time on dodo’s when I should be concentrating on more important issues….. Funnily enough Charles Darwin said the same thing to Captain Flint the Parrot a long time ago. I know this because Captain Flint tells me all the time telling us I had that Charles Darwin the back of my boat once. 

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