Monday, 1 August 2011

Blue sky thinking or thinking outside the box or Banshee's in the night sky

It appears the Italians really have made us an offer we cant refuse so mum and dad have been blue sky thinking or thinking outside the box like we have done in school only out of school because it is a bit box like. So off we went to look at a tiny little very tiny tiny tiny cute (YUK) house which was not quite as tiny as they thought.

When I say not as tiny as they thought in was not tiny tiny tiny but it was a bit tiny but it was cute (YUK) and had a garden full of little sort of outside boxes. So not much thinking outside the box as outside boxes but the garden was cute too (YUK). Just in case anyone is wondering I am an eccentric child so I don’t do cute (YUK).

Anyway today I saw a Hare with no ears, a rustic Cormorant, a mouldy blue Tit and a Gannet with a groove in its neck. Of course dad being of a certain age said hay man groovy neck but mum threw the Armadillo toaster at him so strictly speaking I have also seen a flying, dented Armadillo as well. And ended up flat packing a load of boxes, again not really thinking outside the box more thinking how to make the outside of the box flat.

I must try and get to the woods soon as we are now in the last full month of adventure before the Ghost Writer goes on strike and demands a pay rise. They all do that never satisfied with the limelight and none of the glory I have told him without me he is nothing but he said without him I am nothing NA NANA NA NA NA NA He says he is thinking outside the book. I really can’t see him succeeding as a writer thinking like that.

I said I was going to be late and I am, it is half past ten at night and it is dark and the banshee's are screeching outside in the night sky, it is always nice to hear a friendly voice flying over the house wailing

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