Monday, 22 August 2011

The Dictator, the Itinerant Fish Seller and the Stuffed Seal on the Town Council

The Ghost writer disconnected all the power to our world today so it was very dark and we were all trapped unable to move in the universe of cyberspace.  It is not nice but this happens in the real world Western Society is trapped by electricity and if it all goes off then you lot can do nothing either. It is the way of life, and makes it all the more frustrating that light bulbs don’t last long any more.

Anyway we have power again now so PHEW; the Ghost Writer told us he was very sorry but he has promised to fix yet another computer and was running out of power points so he pulled a whole load of things out to make way for the new stuff. Including us much to the annoyance of mum and dad, so mum has thrown the armadillo toaster at him as it is still unplugged.

Nelson Beelzebub has popped in to see us he says he is OK in the dark and has been listening to the wireless and making sure his paperwork is all up to date on a certain Middle East Leader and dictator or soon to be an EX-leader as he says the human race really do seen to be making a right pigs ear of things. Funnily I have noticed the human race never make a left pig’s ear, maybe this is to do with the fact most people are right handed and bacon is right tasty. Mum said IDIOT again.

On the subject of food the police have sent a warning out by email to the people of Powys to say avoid an Itinerant Fish Seller and we must be extra careful of him and his fish. Not sure what they might do but maybe he keeps you talking while the fish nicks things from the house by scaling the walls HA AHA HAAA HA HA HA.

Anyway we are all taking a walk down to the woods to talk to the Dark Creature of the Undergrowth, the Banshee’s, The Dodos and the Lemmings now that Jim has departed for Hollywood.

 One very strange thing me and Mercedes did see in Montgomery today before someone blacked out all the lights (mentioning no names) was a five foot long glass case, with a stuffed baby seal in it that was about four foot long. And although these things are common in Nelson Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop it is rare to see two men wondering across the road with one, and taking it into the Town Hall. Still Montgomery can be like that sometimes.  Maybe it has been co-opted onto the town council apparently they have some sort of official seal they use on documents, so this might be a replacement.

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