Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bankers, Dodo's and the Queen.

Mercedes arrived today with her dad Mr Pickup. She has become a punk (COOL) as an act of rebellion against her parents. Her Mum Mrs Pickup insists that she has to use the servant’s entrance to their large house in the Great Metropolis. And has stayed at home because the banking sector is as dad put it is back in the ******** ********. Mum threw the Armadillo toaster at him when he said that.

Mr and Mrs Jenkins are very pleased to see them and are even happy that Mercedes is a punk; Mr Jenkins says that it could be much worse and he might have a grandchild like me who is totally eccentric and mad, Mercedes said NOT FAIR. She is sulking as she said she wanted to be more eccentric and madder than me. But everyone says that is not possible even Pirate Pete who is mad and Rusty the Robot Dog think I am very eccentric so maybe I am although I’m not. 

Mr Pickup said he is pleased to be away from the Great Metropolis because last time he was here was when he got his huge banking bonus and everyone was shouting at him, now we are having a banking crisis and the economy is all messed up everyone is shouting at him again.  He said the only good thing that will come out of the crash in the Dollar and the Euro and everyone being sacked and becoming destitute is he will get another big bonus this year. He says he is for ever trying to explain to the public they have to make sanctifies for the greater good, the economy and to ensure he gets his fifteen million pound share option at 52 so he can retire and buy a decent yacht. And then all the masses do is complain.

I can understand how that could be a problem and having to wait until your fifty two before you can retire and buy a big yacht must be awful, mum just said IDIOT not sure why though?

I took Mercedes off to the woods to show her the Dark Creature of the Undergrowth and the Banshees and various things along the way like the Dodo’s, who appear to have made another catapult in their effort to fly. I must let the dog know later so he can sneakily dismantle it to stop them going splat on landing. The large dominant male Dodo thought Mercedes was a rival male trying to muscle in on his patch, I think it was Mercedes Mohican hair with the green flashes in the side that confused him and all the safety pins on the jacket with the picture of the Queen with ***** ***** ******* and a lot of ****** written under it. Still its attack display was very exciting and very few people get to see it. That is the Dominant male Dodo's attack display by the way not the Queens. Although I believe hers is quite good too so I'm told.  

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