Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Thirty Computers in a Fiat Multipla and Russian roulette with a catapult

The Ghost Writer had to collect thirty PC’s today so I said I would help him, He has to set them up for the grey office and some other grey offices. It was jolly hard work we had to carry everything about 100yards through all these corridors with dust and workers in to get everything to the car. And it was very hot at the time and everyone else vanished, so no help.

The Ghost Writer said it happens all the time people tend to vanish when there is something heavy to carry. He even tried to prove it too me by shouting free ice creams while waving ice creams above his head. Well there were suddenly lots of people all over the place, but when he said OK lets move all these heavy PC’s they all ran off. He grumbled for a bit then.  It’s the Ghost Writer who owns the Fiat MultiPla and once it was loaded up with 31 PC’s and all the associated stuff it was well down on the suspension. He was planning on trying to get forty of them in the car but decided that because we had to drive over a whole series of speed humps to get off the premises maybe thirty was the limit. Anyway we got them all back to his house fine, the car was well impressive with all that lot in the back but of course we had to take it all out at the other end. And although the dog and Rusty the Robot Dog came to help they said they did not have hands, only paws and it is not possible to hold PC’s with paws. The ghost writer was grumbling again and said they manage to hold ice creams, in fact they managed to eat all the ice cream while me and the Ghost Writer got all the stuff out of the car and into the house.

As you might expect the Ghost Writer was well angry then and was leaping about shouting about the dogs eating all his ice cream so me and the dogs thought it best to go home then where mum gave us all ice cream for helping the Ghost Writer. We thought it best not to say he was in a strop and waving his arms about but mum did happen to mention that a giant flock of ants had stolen his ice cream last night and he had gone off  to the shops this morning for fresh supplies. It also appears he gave chase to the ants last night but a huge creature ended up chasing him. So all his plans of late have not gone entirely to plan.

Anyway I am exhausted now, the Ghost Writer is exhausted, the dog and Rusty the Robot Dog are exhausted (from eating ice cream?) and Captain Flint the Parrot and Pirate Pete have headaches from playing Russian roulette with a catapult and Captain Flint’s Brazil nuts.

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