Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The school quiz and the chocolate chip cookies...........

School is getting more difficult by the day, the teachers were playing hop scotch and pin the tail on the donkey. I am sure as I remember it is not meant to involve a real donkey or real tails, and I’m not sure what the blue spotted one was off.  By lunch time the teachers were exhausted, so the dog organized a team quiz competition to keep them amused (pupils against teachers).

Question one to five were all on sub-particle atomic structure so the pupils got those all right but the teachers got them all wrong. The teachers said the physics teacher was an IDIOT. Questions six to twenty were all about pirates which everyone got right except one question which was WHAT IS THE PRESENT LOCATION OF CAPTAIN PAUL NESSMAN; the dog said he is not allowed to tell us. Then questions twenty one to fifty were on general knowledge which the teachers got all right but we got some wrong. Then there were some questions on Health and Safety in the school, which no one got right and we finished with five questions about burying bones in a school playground. Where each team got one question right. But everyone said it was a rather specialized dog section and there were no dogs in the teams.

In the end it came down to a tiebreak between the teachers and the pupils so the dog decided each team should pick one member and it was the member who could eat the most ice-cream and chocolate chip cookies in three minutes. Well Mr Clark the Nutritionist and Humanities teacher won dead easy with nine tubs of ice cream and two hundred and seventy one extra large cookies. He was deducted one cookie for having crumbs on the floor.

The dog said there was a token prize of half a tub of ice cream and three chocolate chip cookies although he did say he was planning on it being a bit more substantial but what with Mr Clark eating more than he expected and feeling slightly hungry during the quiz himself. The prize had diminished slightly in size. The teachers didn’t seem to care they were all singing We Are The Champions by Queen (the band not the Queen), and shouting EASY … EASY

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