Saturday, 2 July 2011

Morris Dancers, the craft fair and webbed paw prints

Craft fair day today when it is traditional for all the visitors to get really frustrated because they can’t find anywhere to park in town. So once the stalls were all set up in the morning in the main square we all watched the cars going round and round and round the system until the drivers finally turned into a gibbering mass and abandoned their cars in the duck pond or somewhere like that.
Au Pairs "It's Obvious"   click picture for link

Then when they walked to the main square the stall holders sold them relaxing herbal tea and sat them down so they could watch all the other drivers going round and round and round and gibbering even more because there is no more room in the duck pond. The locals like craft fair day because they can go HAR HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR HAR. The dog and Rusty the Robot Dog set up a car valet service although the said they refused to do the ones in the duck pond because the ducks kept walking on the cars leaving muddy webbed paw prints?

There were fewer stalls this year and a few less visitors which allowed more space for the Morris Dancers to run about in. Pirate Pete said they used to make Morris Dancers walk the plank in the old days because they are meant to bring bad luck to sea farers, although with a little garlic and balsamic vinegar they were always a good find on a long journey as fresh food when times were hard. Mum made Pirate Pete promise not to eat any of the Morris Dancers at the craft fair, which he didn’t, I think.

Sooty the Cat is now catching mice and shrews most days now and does not meow so much and Heavy Harry the Cat is still not happy with the fact that Sooty the Cat has not vanished yet. Sooty is still trying to be friends even when Heavy Harry beats him about the head, but Heavy Harry is very set in his ways..

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