Friday, 1 July 2011

Black clouds lost in space

Friday and it is sunny and warm with the odd passing black cloud, when I say odd I mean the occasional black cloud not they are odd. Although having said that dad the dog and Rusty the Robot Dog thought the black clouds were odd. So by the time I got home from school they had built a narrow bandwidth ionised neutron small particle cloud dispersing ray gun.

Lost in Space.....Please click on Picture for more information

It looked really cool like something from the Movies or that show they used to show on TV once called Lost in Space only not as good. Mum said they were IDIOTS, not sure if she means dad and the dogs or the TV show or both.  By the time I got home it was working so when the next black cloud crossed the sky dad tried to destroy it with his ray gun. What dad had not thought about was that the local little airfield in Welshpool was having an air race and there were quite a lot of small aircraft flying over. And in his enthusiasm to destroy the cloud he sort of hit a small microlight thing and it sort of stopped and landed very quickly and not very well them just as the pilot was staggering out he was hit by a huge bolt of lightning which sort of set him on fire. But he was OK because he was then rained on by neutron heavy rain which put him out but it was heavy rain weighing up to forty time heavier so he was sort of knocked out a bit well quite a lot really. Dad and the dogs them spent several hours burying the ray gun which the dogs thought was good fun too.

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