Sunday, 10 July 2011

The day after Woodstock and TV children

It is the day after the night before, again as it has been before. Lets face it people forget and do these things again although me mum and dad don’t. In my case it’s to do with the fact I still need to do the things that make the day after the night before … the day after; if you get my drift. Probably not I have just read that and it makes no sense.

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Me and dad returned to the venue for the party early in the afternoon expecting to find people milling about picking up rubbish and chewing the dried remains of pizza and stuff, (like it was after Woodstock …… dad says).  But no there was no one except two small children watching TV and someone fast to sleep. We are sure the goat eating tarantula spider could not have eaten them all because we would have noticed I think, well probably, well mum would have and maybe the police.

So we collected our things and quietly left the two small children watching TV. Not sure what it was, I think it was one of the children’s satellite TV channels where every thing looks the same and there are lots of precocious smiling all American nicey nice children singing songs and being dramatic in school. As I have loyal American readers I would just like to say I am sure most American children are quite normal like the rest of the world. But children in the rest of the world as getting like TV children and everyone what’s to a celebrity. While on that subject I would just like to point out to the very nice Mr Steven Spielberg that my left side is my photogenic when he starts filming……… Mum just said IDIOT again, I’m going to go and sulk now. Not really but I’m tied so I’m pretending so don’t tell mum. ……… …………. ………….. AH.

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