Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bad news and a happy Rabbit

Bad things in the news today and although I try to quietly weave the real with our strange alternative world sometimes it is not possible. Maybe one day people will come to realize that brutal extreme acts of violence against ordinary society change nothing, particularly in a world of international commerce and politics where ordinary people have little influence.

Amy Winehouse died today another bit of sad news

I feel all I can do is continue my tale as a very small voice in a very big world so :-
As a result of the sun shining dad is working on a new solar barbeque with Pirate Pete and the dog although mum recons by the time they perfect it; it will be dark or raining again.  Dad has tried alternative cooking technology before; he had a go at boiling an egg on the exhaust manifold of his car because he saw that once on a television set (not the egg, the idea). But the police said that it was not a good idea to have a dog sat on the engine with a frying pan will we were doing seventy miles an hour in the fast lane of the motorway. While a parrot shouted left or right on the aerial because dad could not see the road.

Our gas barbeque has been borrowed today but when we tried to deliver it we got trapped in holiday traffic in Newtown. We forgot that this is the first weekend of the English school holidays which are different to the Welsh ones. A point worth noting if you are passing Newtown, is on holidays and at busy times do not even try. It was only by throwing overcooked sausages at people we managed to get through. What is worrying dad is we have to go back and get it later so we might attach a large spiky thing to the car.

In cyberspace I have noticed Mrs Benn, who was the one who told us that the Thames is not in Scotland and who lives somewhere near the Thames was trying to find a home for a cockerel. Cyberspace is not really the place to find homes for cockerels, the local Post Office window would be better. I don’t mean the cockerel should live in the window, just that a nice advert would help. Mrs Benn is married to Mr Benn, they appear to be nice people although when they see me they go AAAAuuuughghhhhhhh and you can never tell in cyberspace, I think they think I am mad (a bit mad). And I think the Thames must be near the Scottish borders up north somewhere even if it not actually in Scotland because no one would really want to live in the South YUK. They are all grumpy and it’s noisy.

Finally I saw a rabbit today jumping about and looking happy and we are all off to have our evening meal on the patio as it is still warm.

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