Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The QE2 and the AC30 amplifiers.....

Our last day at sea for a while and dad says we have one last thing to do before we dock in the harbour and that is the raid on the QE2 to replace his amplifiers. Everyone has gone HAR HAR HAR HAR and luckily it appears dad has taken the pretty route past the cruise ships Caribbean stop over. So we have successfully raided the luxury liner and plundered all the AC30 amplifiers.

An extra bonus for dad was we found two Sound City 120’s one of dad favourite amps from the old days so he is well happy. Some of the crew ran off with bath towels as souvenirs and said they were much softer than the ones on our ships. Mum said they were all wimps but dad did point out she had one but she hit him with the toaster (again), and Pirate Pete has run off with the QE2 captains hat which did not go down very well. It was pirate Pete stealing the captains hat that finally made the crew of the QE2 realize we were not part of a Pirates of the Caribbean theme show and were in fact Pirates. By then however we had the amps on board and our nuclear powered steam turbine driven engines will outrun a great lumbering cruise ship.   So we all set sail for home again singing yo ho ho and a bottle of Coke …… fifteen chords on a dead mans amp Har HAR. While dad played Stairway to Milford Haven. Mum did point out that it was rather an obscure reference to a town for the international audience but dad says that he was sure that the nice Steven Spielberg’s granny came from Milford Haven but he gets confused a lot.

Well we should make home by dark and get to have a night of rest in the Spy Glass Inn, which appears is to be temporarily renamed by the sponsors The Coke Glass Hotel. Apparently due to economic cuts all guests must now supply their own bath towels, Phew that’s a bit of luck then.   

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