Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Ghost of Steven Spielberg

At school the English teacher was making us write ghost stories so I wrote about the headless teacher who roams the corridors of the domestic science department forever tormented my the fact it cant eat fairy cakes. But several of the class wrote about a ghost in the big wood who wears a suit has glasses and grey hair and hums the music to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 
They all said it was true and had seen it. The ghost was wearing a bow tie which is odd for a ghost and had a grey beard. They had also heard wild screeching like banshee’s and low thundery noises from the undergrowth so they were never going into the woods again.

After school me, the dog, and Rusty the Robot Dog went to the wood to find the ghost. We met the Banshee’s and apparently the wild screeching like banshees was the Banshee’s. They told us they too had seen the ghost and it was in fact The Ghost of Steven Spielberg projected from the future back to now due to Mr Spielberg’s special effects knowledge. He is keen to meet us and tell us about a problem from the future. Once we reached the clearing near the centre of the wood we saw the Ghost of Steven Spielberg sitting on a log humming "We All Live in a Yellow Submarine", the dog says it is easy to get that mixed up with the" Close Encounters of the Third Kind" music. The ghost then told us of the future and a race of mutant alien creatures which rapidly developed from a particular dish washer, used to clean pot noodle contains, once a month. So the ghost from the future asked if we could destroy it with dads flame thrower….. We said yes. Strangely; the dishwasher was in dads workshop and  mum has always said pot noodles pots are a bit dodgy once they have been sat inside a dishwasher for almost a month. So I guess it is hardly surprising therefore strange things are evolving in it.

It started to get dark then and the low growl of the Dark Creature of the Undergrowth slowly got louder which resulted in the sudden disappearance of The Ghost of Steven Spielberg who is frightened of the dark, something of a handicap if you’re a ghost.

Once we got home me, the dog, and the Rusty the Robot Dog torched the dishwasher in dad’s workshop with dad’s flame thrower; dad was not happy but we said it was full of Mutant Alien Pot Noodle but dad was still not happy because he said he has never tried that flavour before but mum said IDIOT.  We did say it was the ghost of Steven Spielberg told us to do it but mum said idiots again.

I was thinking after all the flames calmed down, (apparently wooden framed building and flame throwers are a bad mix). I should have asked about what he thought of my Manuscript and if the block buster movie was a block buster or not.

I was told what ever happens don’t mention the school bus today. AH Sorry.

Thank you for the catalyst for tonight plot Miss Fiona

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