Friday, 27 May 2011

Rusty the six legged Robot Dog..... and stuff

Sunny day today which is good after the wet grey day of yesterday. Dad and the dog have finished their robot dog it is not as big as Pythagoras the Dog which is just as well really. It cant run as fast as Pirate Pete either because its legs are shorter. They did give it six legs to try and speed it up a bit but it can only run at thirty five miles an hour.

Having six legs means it got some very strange looks when it went out for its first run this morning but one advantage is that is can dig holes very quickly. Mr Jenkins our neighbour said he has never seen a six legged dog burying a bone while muttering in Latin before while he was in the park so he knew it must be something to do with us. I might take it to school one day next week because form 7G who are making the tunnel have realized they have made a major error as a result of reading maps and the satellite navigation system upside down in the tunnel. It appears the tunnel goes in the opposite direction and is a mirror image of what it should be. So instead of emerging next to the recycling bin by the Fish and Chip Shop it has emerged next to the Fish and Chip Shop food waste at the Council Recycling department. The Dutch exchange students say the fish and chips taste lovely but were wondering what the green lumps were, 7G have told them its Pistachio Nuts as they don’t have the heart to say its mould. The Dutch students are happy and form 7G say it’s a shame to waste all that food even if it is rather rotten and mouldy.

The dog appears very happy with his new friend and is teaching Pirate Pete Latin as the Robot Dog can’t understand commands in pirate and every time Pirate Pete goes HAR HAR HAR the robot dog digs another hole. Mum is not entirely happy with that as there are now three of them in the hallway which are six foot deep. Pirate Pete has also named the Robot Dog Stick Insect because it likes to play stick and has six legs, The dog says he was planning to call it rusty because it is has a mild steel body which is already showing signs of corrosion. Dad did choice a rather unfortunate place for the steam escape value but then it is a dog so most people will not notice.

Preview of another exhibition tonight so we will all be there at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop to do our bit. I have to go and be nice to everyone which is quite frankly NOT FAIR and they all expect me to remember their names from the last preview and there are loads of them I don’t know how I am meant to do that. I got told off last time because I tried to write everyone’s name on their foreheads with a permanent marker pen but mum said IDIOT and told me it was not good for sales. She managed to convince some people it was part of an interactive art installation called Guess Who You Are, a bit like the game.
By the way Sooty the Cat is looking better but is still very noisy

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