Thursday, 19 May 2011

The PS3 and the Macaroni cheese .............. YUK

Just as I was going to school today mum and dad got a message to say little Jamie my cousin, well when I say cousin it is very complex indeed as one might expect with a family that lives on both sides of the internet in the real and cyberspace worlds. Jamie had a headache and was feeling not well so he got the day off school so mum and dad were sort of babysitting

 I was well jealous at first I had to go to school and do Latin astrophysics and the long jump although not all at the same time luckily. In the end it was OK though because mum and dad said they were going to the big supermarket so they took him with them YUK. It seems Jamie is not used to supermarkets so when he was allowed to push the trolley round the store it sort of went wrong.

Jamie is used to playing all day on one of those Sony PS3 games console things; it’s what children do in the real world apparently. However he go the supermarket trolley mixed up with something called Maria Cart or something like that and he said he thought he had to get points by wiping out little old ladies as he rushed up and down the aisles of the supermarket. Dad did point out he did it very well for someone who was clearly not on top form as Jamie was feeling ill. Dad was also impressed by Jamie’s ability to improvise by building a harpoon gun from items in the store and scoring a triple bonus by pinning the supermarket manager to one of the freezer cabinets with it. Mums main complaint was that he was running about so much it was difficult to get items in trolley so she could buy them.

It did work out quite well in the end because poor old Jamie not being well ran out of steam because he was not well and he was then sick in the fresh delicatessen counter which resulted in the sales of fresh macaroni cheese plummeting for the rest of the day. But Jamie and his trolley were thrown out of the store and told never to return and the trolley was full of mum and dads shopping so they got it all for free although they left the macaroni cheese in the trolley saying they didn’t fancy it any longer but they did get several frozen turkeys for the dog. The dog said we should make Jamie sick more often but I don’t think mum agrees. The dag said just a bit sick and says he fancies a big bowl of macaroni cheese now YUK

The other little black cat (Sooty?) has not been seen today and extra food was bought in the supermarket just to feed it too but the dog says YUM

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