Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pirates Love Coca-Cola but does Steven Spielberg love Pirates ????

Our corporate sponsor has been told Steven Spielberg does not like pirates so we have had to abandon or trip to Kathmandu and put on nice suits and remove the Jolly Roger. Or else he might not make the block buster movie. Luckily it is hoped that Mr Spielberg may not have noticed the odd pirate link yet so we have set the main brace and be sailing for home port HAR HAR HAR (sorry)

The very nice corporate sponsors who shall remain nameless have lent us a new flag saying Pirates Love Coca-Cola only it has been modified to say Parrots Love Coca-Cola, mum said IDIOTS. Not sure that’s a good move even if the corporate sponsors are anonymous. The dog also wants to know what we plan to do with a two hundred foot inflatable Coca-cola bottle which we were planning to inflate in the centre of Kathmandu. You see what happens when you get involved in sponsorship deals life just gets more complex.  

Apparently there might be a bit of concern about Pirate Pete’s name because it sounds just a bit too pirate; the sponsors have said because he has slightly mad blonde hair (none of us knew that) they have suggested Private Benjamin, Pirate Pete said HAR HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR HAR HELLO BIG BOY. Mum said IDIOT again but not sure if that’s the sponsors or Pirate Pete and dad has pointed out he has steam powered bionic legs which are not entirely in keeping with the image. So on a show of hands Pirate Pete is going to keep his own name however he is now wearing a I love Steven Spielberg tee shirt with a picture of him drinking an ice cold Coca-Cola and Russian Vodka. 

 We have now been asked to remove the Parrots Love Coca-Cola flag too because parrots and in particular Captain Flint the Parrot has just too many associations with pirates. I think the fact that Captain Flint the Parrot has spent the day drinking rum without adding any Coca-Cola has not helped, that and shouting all the sponsors are ********* ++******---*-*- HAR HAR HAR. 

So the day was spent slowly sailing back towards the harbour on the island in the middle of the lake in the middle of the park in town but this time no one sang So its YO HO HO and a Bottle of Rum a swordfish struggling with a quadratic Sum so that nice Mr Spielberg wont get upset and not make the movie.

Dad and Pirate Pete have been arguing about if coal powered pirate ships are better than Sail powered pirate ships but the dog said things go better with Coke and has fallen about laughing again along with Rusty the Robot Dog who said I might be steam powered but I also have the wind. They are both rolling about in hysterics now.

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