Sunday, 15 May 2011

A nice lazy Sunday only it was not a lazy Sunday and I mentioned politics ....... Sorry

Sunday and I was planning to chill and be lazy only mum has another one of those art exhibitions to organise and so we were making invites again today. I got the job of trimming a tiny bit of paper off the side of the invite so it all fitted together correctly. I was hoping to use one of those big scary French guillotines but I had to use a boring paper guillotine which is not quite the same.

 The dog said I am a man not a machine and said he was going to chase trees, I thought I was the man and he was a dog. And I was planning to ask the dog all about that chasing trees thing, but before I got the chance was gone and heading off towards the woods. He was shouting WOOF quite a lot trying to convince someone he is just an ordinary dog but that is not an easy thing to do when you’re huge with red eyes and texting someone on you’re mobile phone.  I think the dog changes his mind about whether he is a theoretical Mathematician and Physicist or a friendly dog playing stick depending on which option will get him the most food. Mum said all dogs are like that but most of them can’t do maths or use a mobile phone or speak Latin etc. 

Anyway I have managed to trim all the preview invites but they all need to be stuck together now so mum said me and dad can help her later before I do all my homework and wash the dishes after dinner. Well Sunday is not turning out as planned at all but that is what tends to happen if you make plans they never quite work and our world is rather prone to the unexpected at the best of times.

We still haven’t tried happy tea bags yet but I might have to after gluing, washing and homework because I will not be happy once I’ve done all that I will be well exhausted.  I have heard rumour of Captain Nessman leading a rebellion in the USA because they are not being nice to Pirates and so the Pirates have been firing cannon at city hall somewhere I think. Politics is odd sometimes because in the UK everyone is protesting that the government wants to introduce an American style Health Service and in America they are protesting because they want to introduce a British style Health Service. I was going ask mum and dad about it but they said  we have told you don’t do politics it’s the kiss of death ……….. ……. …….. ……. IDIOT

The Kiss Of Death ooooooooo that must be a good story  

Paul Nessman               Robby, from what I know, Captain Nessman strongly dislikes politics but has been pressed into service to defend the Pirate's noble cause and good name...or was that worthless cause and disgraceful name? All that I am sure of is that Captain Nessman's sworn enemy is a scallywag named Scott Walker. Whenever he even hears the mere mention of Scott Walker, he immediately blurts out, "IDIOT!"

In the UK we all think of the other Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers who were not brothers. So just to let everyone know Paul is talking of another Scott Walker unknown to us in the UK which sounds just as well I think. Mind you I think the Scott Walker we all know in the UK was a little eccentric at times.


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