Sunday, 8 May 2011

The FBI, CIA, MI6 and the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the TV show Britains Got Talent

For various reasons best know to dad; dad thinks the FBI, CIA and maybe MI6 have homed in on my diary so he has told me to be really careful about what I say. For example he said don’t mention the Einstein Cube or the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine or Pirate Pete’s still in the cellar or his new patch of plants he has with the big lamps and all the walls covered in tin foil.

So I am going to be good and not mention them. He would probably prefer me not to mention all the money he made on the big press in his workshop either although he is less worried about his workshop as he modified the life size Tyrannosaurus Rex he made me for Halloween night last year to be a guard dog.  The dog said he is a much better guard dog that a mad microprocessor controlled hydraulic Tyrannosaurus Rex that can’t even read Latin correctly or tap dance. Dad tells me that is not entirely true because it can tap dance quite well. He even entered it for that Britain’s Got Talent show on the television, but the judges all screamed and ran away, so did all the other contestants and the audience. Dad was at least hoping he might get a copy of the video but apparently the camera crew ran away screaming too.  And he said to rub salt into the wound the man at the station said the Tyrannosaurus Rex was not allowed on the train so he had to hire a van to get it home it was quite a large van because the Tyrannosaurus Rex is twenty feet tall.  Anyway I don’t think the FBI are going to go into his workshop even if the dog is a better guard dog.

Very strange weather today sun then loads of rain then loads of sun then loads of rain and so on, I know I mention the weather a lot but we do this in Britain it is a tradition people go to wild mad parties (so I’m told) and all they talk about is the weather. I have never been to a wild mad party just parties with mad wild people at them, talking about the weather.

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