Monday, 16 May 2011

Chris the builder and the Pit of Doom

Chris the builder has been building an invisible hatch to the cellar today, when I say its invisible I don’t mean it is actually invisible I mean it is impossible to spot it in the floor so that dad and Pirate Pete can hide all the things so that no one will know they are there. Well almost no one a few people with internet access who read my blog or look at facebook or twitter or the block buster book and movie might know.

Apparently we had people looking at the house the other day who thought they might buy it but their little girl was frightened by the Pit of Doom at the bottom of the garden. Dad did try to reassure them that almost no children have been lost in the Pit of Doom and there has only ever been the one child who was not recovered. Well he occasionally turns up near the entrance to the Pit of Doom when mum takes him food but he shouts and says YUK I don’t eat vegetables YUK get me ice cream ….. ……  now. He was never that popular but I can sympathise with what he says about vegetables YUK. I did go and peer in the Pit of Doom once but he said go Away it’s my pit. Still the point of this story is just to say having the Pit of Doom at the bottom of the garden is not good when selling a house. The dog likes it but that is not really much help is it.

My Super dooper office den made with the big copper cylinder is also at the bottom of the garden so I asked the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine about the Pit of Doom and all it said was AH yes that young child is in there I really wish someone you rescue him because I can hear him complaining about vegetable soup and mud in his X box thing.  Well after that it got side tracked and was muttering about the storm in the Autumn again.  I was planning to ask it about the Kiss of Death too but it then said Time for Bed Boing. Then Mum said O god that’s all we need the Magic Roundabout.

Sorry if you are one of our international readers I don’t think The Magic Roundabout crossed the channel, but the dog just said it would sink and has fallen about laughing again.

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