Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A theory of time and why supermarkets and little old ladies should never ever meet.

It has been one of those days where we have all been running about doings things and then find we have run out of time. Day says time is complex and goes at different speeds. All depending on how old you are and what you are going etc. He has had several conversations with people lately about time in the last couple of weeks on his theory.

Apparently as you get older time appears to go faster and he says the reason for this is that we all perceive time as a percentage of our age and not the actual length of time. So to someone who is one; a year equals 100% of their life to date, whereas someone who is one hundred, one year is 1% of their life so a year passes much faster to the one hundred year old person than that of the one year old. It’s like a Mayfly and a tortoise one day in the life of a Mayfly is like a whole life time and one day in the life of a tortoise is a quick walk round the bloke and a lettuce leaf. So dad is saying that not only does time change as we get older everything has its own different timescale, which in the case of humans slows down to almost stopped in the supermarket particularly at the checkouts; and vanishes almost instantaneously on holiday. He tried to make a machine once to swop those over but every time he used it he always ended up behind a queue of little old ladies in the post office who would chat to him for ages and tell him he was a very nice man while their friend sneaked in front of him in the queue. If he tried to say anything they would always say AH BUT I’M OLD, dad set fire to that machine in the end. I tried to ask the dog about time but it said TIME FOR DINNER ……… ……… YUMMY

It was yet another very hot day just like mid-summer, the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine said it would be like this ages ago and it was right but of course it has also forecast the huge storm towards the end of the year. The birds are all singing outside so they are happy, I don’t think I better tell them I have eaten a chicken for dinner.

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