Tuesday, 5 April 2011

technology should be the slave of man not man be the slave of technology. We all blame that James Watt's his name bloke

At school we were talking about technology and its use in the modern day environment. My friends all say they would not be happy without their mobile phones and PS3’s and other things which I don’t know the names of.


Anyway I told the teacher that dad says technology should be the slave of man not man be the slave of technology one of my friends said WHAT and I said EXACLY JAMES WHAT because he started it all with all that steam stuff but my friend said MY NAMES NOT JAMES the teacher then said JAMES WATT but my friend said MY NAME REALLY IS NOT JAMES SIR: NOT FAIR. So I tried to explain to my friend but the teacher said WHAT and I said JAMES WATT but then he said NO I DIDNT HEAR YOU.  Anyway I think dad is right because we have only been discussing technology and it has made everything really confusing already and we haven’t even used any of it.

Most of the class said they were not the slaves of technology and that they could function perfectly well without it. But I said I could prove that was not true so I went and saw the caretaker and told him we were performing an experiment so I had to remove the main fuse for the school. When I did it went all dark and quiet. Then by the time I got back to the class room the Headmaster had evacuated the school. He does this every time something happens it is very strange. The Headmaster then said as it was not possible to do any work and the heating have also stopped operating he was sending us all home early. All the teachers cheered but the Headmaster said they had to stay and work so they all said NOT FAIR. I told the teacher that this proved dad was right and gave him the main fuse to put back. Then the Headmaster asked him what he was holding and he said THE MAIN FUSE, I don’t know why the Headmaster got so upset with the teacher but he said they had to stand outside his office and then write out one hundred times I must not remove the main fuse from the school or I will be told off and have to stand outside the Headmasters Office the teacher said I can explain but the Headmaster said he did not want to hear excuses so the teacher said NOT FAIR.

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