Friday, 15 April 2011

The stereo-typical family eating the foot of J K Rowlings and the other stuff

Mum said you are what you eat so the dog is having roast Saint Bernard for dinner and I am having stew made with J.K.Rowlings, well that was the plan but mum said it was not a good idea. So she has made a cake that is the life size image of J.K.Rowlings wearing a jumper with the name Bernard across the front of it. Me and the dog were arguing about who gets to eat the head.

Mr Jenkins came for tea tonight too because Mrs Jenkins has taken up arc welding at evening classes. Mr Jenkins thinks although we are all very strange we are the stereo-typical family where mum does all the cooking and practical things like nuclear science and chemistry and is the brains in the family. Dad potters about in his workshop making things like the Tyrannosaurs at Halloween or Pirate Pete’s bionic steam powered legs. And me and the dog cause chaos and eat loads and generally make a mess, Me and the dog think he is probably right but the dog had his mouth full of the arm of J.K.Rowlings while I was eating her foot (Yummy toe nails). Mum and dad did agree with him but said ours is a just a happy story of county life in the borders of Wales next to that other country called ? ….. …… England, we forget sometimes.

Now my train of thought has been disturbed by pigeons being very friendly to one another in the tree outside our window of the new office, I don’t think dad planned on that sort of thing happening right outside our windows.

No Luck finding Count Gomery today but we plan to stake out the laundrette because if he is still about then sooner of later he will be there with his duvet. I tried asking the Joules Verne Oracle and Prophecy machine about Count Gomery and it said I would be best to spend the night sleeping on a sacrificial stone slab in the woods at night because I would find him then. Mum said I was not allowed too though because we have too many plots on the go as it is and adding another one would just confuse us all even more. And besides just how many story lines can you get into one block buster movie. That’s true the Lord of the Rings only has one and look how long that lasted, those Ork things were rubbish, just how many of them does it take to change a light bulb.     

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