Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spatial awareness, the beach and roast Aardvark with a crunchy cheese coating for dinner

I decided to hide in the boot of the car and be a stowaway like on a ship so I could go to the beach this morning. Everyone got in and we set off after a while we stopped and I heard voices, then the boot opened and it was dad with a big plate glass window behind him and in it was the reflection of the Headmaster. Dad said you have to guess where we are and I said schooL.

The headmaster then said well done I am very impressed, I was a bit confused. Dad then went on to explain how we had been doing experiments in spatial awareness and that I would get in the boot and have to work out where dad was taking me by the movements of the car. The headmaster said he was so impressed that we were doing science experiments outside school hours he said I could have the day off. It meant I got to go to the beach, but I did say to dad that I only knew I was at school because I saw the reflection of the headmaster in the window but all he said was GOSH REALLY.

It was a great day at the beach and the dog ran up and down the beach chasing seagulls who were trying to eat Flipper the Wood Mouse I suppose because he is a small wood mouse. The sea was very calm and the only one of use that got to go surfing was Flipper as he only needs a wave three inches high as his surf board is only six inches long. He said he managed to surf over 50ft on one run but had to dive for cover when one of the seagulls swooped at him. While we ate our sandwiches at lunch time all the seagulls and jackdaws watched us in a long line there was loads of them but only one jackdaw was brave enough to come near us to grab a few crumbs, I think the dog smiled at them a lot and he is scary when he does that.

There was also a load of children from somewhere else who had a huge A frame device that the could walk along the beach with ropes but it did take about twenty of them to do it. One of them kept shouting and dad said if he was doing it he would have buried her in the sand for a while but mum hit him on the head with a sandcastle.

 Pirate Pete spent a long time running up and down the beach looking for treasure but all he found was a huge box of drift wood so he thinks we need to go to a beach with more gold doubloons buried in it next time although he did said it was great to be by the sea, we all agreed with that but then we came home. But we are off tonight to Big Bills Greasy Fur Ball CafĂ© for a meal so it has turned into an excellent day. I wonder if Big Bill will have one of those roast Aardvarks with a crunchy cheese coating and a blue curry sauce YUM

Elaine Kerley                                    Believe it or not, I know what a "boot" is. My Jaguar will tell me when my boot is open. I looked and looked until I found something "open" on my car! In the U.S., it's called a trunk! lol

I know transatlantic English can be complex I have run foul of it several times in the past. Boot Trunk or Bonnet, Hood (I think) even the humble car, we even have miles that are different lengths ours are a bit longer so our cars don’t go so fast. So if you were ever caught speeding you can say your car is a European car and was not breaking the European speed limit of the same speed as in Europe the same speed would be slower.  

Not sure I understand that and I wrote it

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