Thursday, 28 April 2011

Miss Fiona the famous Russian double agent and wood mice and stuff

We all went for a walk in the park this morning and sat on one of the long benches; although Flipper the Wood Mouse, Mrs Flipper, the Flipper children and their partners and little Tadpole their first Grandchild took up at least half the bench on their own. It is the ritual of the creation of the great guide produced by the town’s extravaganza event committee

This happens in a big house in secret but luckily the rooms have large windows and if you sit in the park on the right bench then you can watch the creation of the guide. It is very interesting as all the pages are laid in piles round on a big table and the extravaganza committee circles round the table starting with page one and moving anticlockwise slowly put together the great guide. Each member follows on until the whole committee are going round and round and round the table until all five thousand guides are produced ending with a huge cheer and tea and biscuits. From outside we can see all the people running past the windows first one way then the other then back clutching guides in various states. It is a ritual that has survived for hundreds of years and each year we go and watch, well only if it is warm and sunny to tell the truth.

We then went off to a garden centre to get plants but me and the dog lost interest very quickly because they didn’t have a single poisonous spiky creeper of monkey eating bromeliads. The entire Flipper family had to stay in the car because there are so many of them now people keep screaming. They did that anyway as they were passing the car but I suppose eighty three wood mice sticking their tongues out at you through the windows singing I will survive can be a bit of a shock for the average customer of garden centres. Flipper the Wood Mouse has been telling dad his home in the skirting boards in the hall way at home is getting a little small for all the family, Pirate Pete says they wont all fit on his shoulder any longer and if they all shout PIECES OF EIGHT at the same time it makes him deaf in his right ear. The dog thinks we should attach a giant wheel to the side of the house and they could all earn their kept by generating electricity for us.

Other than that it has been a very quiet day. It is strange living in a little town where very little happens of interest I hope that nice Mr Steven Spielberg won’t find us too boring for his block buster movie of the book.

Interesting we have reached 99,000 words now

Paul Nessman And soon you will reach 99,000 wood mice :)

It is the birthday of Miss Fiona the famous Russian double agent; and on this very important day in her life she always plays the violin and like that rather well known head of state Robert D Nero she likes to fiddle as the microfilm burns. Which sadly; always means the family never see the end of the film on Miss Fiona’s Birthday.

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