Tuesday, 29 March 2011

wood glue paper and a laughing dog

I am very late tonight with my diary entry, I am very sorry everyone I am in the process of making a new bedside table shelf thing. It is very simple or it would be if dad would let me use a ruler. He says it is good to make things by eye and not cheat by measuring using a ruler or things like that, he did say I could have a piece of A4 paper and use that instead.

Anyway I am waiting for some glue so I can remove a clamp so I can fix the next bit, it is in fact the last bit so with luck I will finish it tonight I did work out the piece of paper is also a set square, well Pirate Pete whispered that in my ear. I think dad must of taught him that as dad only uses a ruler if he really has to or mum is watching him, anyway that’s if for tonight so I must go and make things I just wish the dog would stop pointing at it and rolling about on his back laughing.

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