Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day and the stampede.

One of the best days of the year very sunny and warm, but it was a bit hot in my fancy dress outfit for school but I was not expecting everyone to run off screaming all day so it was very strange. In the end I was all on my own because the headmaster evacuated the school but I didn’t here him say that because the outfit had a big hood and face mask.

It was a very cool outfit, shiny silver and dad even made me a fake Geiger counter that would make loud clicking sounds when I pointed it at people and I had  breathing equipment so I looked just like a real radiation tester. Me and dad thought it would be a good outfit bearing in mind the news, but mum said IDIOTS and that IT WILL ALL END IN TEARS, she was right about that because lots of the pupils would start crying when I pointed the Geiger counter at them and it started clicking.  I did try and tell them it was for Red Nose Day and I was collecting money but because the mask muffled my voice they thought I was saying if they have a red nose they should cover it in honey;  most of them, well all of them were wearing red noses for Red Nose Day so everyone then covered their noses in honey but we keep bees at school and some of the bees stung the noses of several pupils and teachers so then their noses became swollen and very painful and they ran about flapping their hands. Well that was a mistake because it started a stampede I was not worried about all the swarming bees because I had a radiation suit on so the bees could not sting me. I think it was about then that time the headmaster evacuated the school.

I thought I better hand my maths homework in so I did try; but the maths teacher set fire to it when I pointed my Geiger counter accidently at my homework and it made loud clicking sounds (the Geiger counter not the homework). The maths teacher then ran away again, I’m not sure the dog will approve of having all his hard work set fire too. I went home then but I had to take the suit off because it got very hot, I stuffed it all in my PE bag.

While heading home I was passed by loads of police cars heading towards the school, I did try to tell then there was no one there but they were going to fast to hear me.

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