Friday, 11 March 2011

The Powers of Nature

Mum is still helping in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop while he is waiting for all the new recruits for his club in the bottom of the cellar. Mum was asking him about all the death and destruction and fighting, but he said it is nothing to do with him. He just deals with certain members of society who have gained enough points.

Mr Beelzebub was telling mum that neither he nor the powers that be are responsible for the actions of the human race and if they go and fight and kill each other well that is their responsibility. He just ends up with more people in the bottom of the cellar then. I think his cellar must be very large to accommodate everyone plus all that fire and molten rock, volcanoes, hot ash and fast food takeaways. Mr Beelzebub also said the powers that be have no control over nature either so when a huge earthquake happens such as today it is down to the human race to do what they can to help one another. Apparently we can control the powers of nature but only the little ones, once nature decides it is going to do something awesome human beings are of no consequence even if you’re very rich or important. Luckily I’m not rich and important so I am hoping I will be OK, and living in the cyberspace of Mid-Wales helps because it is not famous for its huge cataclysmic natural events and mad dictators, political corruption and violet unrest. Well not yet anyway although dad says show me a place without a bit of low level political corruption and I’ll eat my hat so mum pointed at the moon. Dads trying to eat his hat now; the dog said he would do it but that would be cheating according to mum, the dog if off to Mr Jenkins again tonight to watch Crufts again.    

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