Sunday, 6 March 2011

Napoleon Beelzebub, Norwegian Bruce and fish and chips

Sunday today, sometimes Sunday mornings have this sort of Zen silence and are very chilled; today was one of them. Well it was once Heavy Harry the cat had been fed, the silly thing can not open its own tins. Now how silly is that in the evolutionary process that a creature has evolved to eat food out of a tin and can not open the tin. At least dogs can do these things.

I have been helping Napoleon Beelzebub in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop today as he is busy doing stuff so mum is running the shop. He has to go to the Middle East somewhere and is waiting for some man who has to go all the way to the bottom of his cellar. Apparently the man has a reserved seat and a whole load of other people have to go with him so poor old Mr Beelzebub has all this paperwork to sort out with his counterpart who ever he might be. He was saying he really did not see the point of all the paperwork but the powers that be insist and it’s all in triplicate.  It has to be in triplicate because Napoleons filing cabinets have a habit of bursting into flames as it’s a bit hot in the office.

A man came into the shop who has a huge robot collection and was looking for robots so he has bought a Norwegian Bruce robot but he has been warned that he must look after it or else. We had lots of people come in who had been to the grand opening of the posh new restaurant last night, it appears it was very very busy and there was a queue out door and along the road. Some people took up to an hour to get in although a lot gave up and went home again. We were given a menu today but mum is not very happy because they don’t really like vegetarians so we are going to have afternoon tea one day next week but will go and eat at Big Bills Greasy Fur Ball CafĂ© in the evening HURRAY. At least Big Bill likes dogs and flame throwers and he is still the only place you can have a grilled Aardvark and roast potatoes on Sunday.   He also cooks the best fish and chips in the world, I know cos I eat loads

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