Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Field trips in the sand dunes. Seagulls and Granny

While I was waiting for the bus this morning the geography teacher stopped in the minibus and asked if I was going on the geography field trip to the coast. I didn’t know but thought it best to say yes just in case I was because I didn’t want to miss the bus. We ended up in Aberdovey which was good.

It was rather windy but it was sunny and there were lots of seagulls they kept looking at my sandwiches but you are not allowed to feed them because you will get fined and besides I wanted to eat my lunch myself. There were a couple of wind surfers in the sea and they were going up and down really fast. The geography teacher was telling us about coastal erosion and how sand banks work (not as in sand castles). We were able to see exactly how sand dunes form too; because the wind was blowing the sand everywhere so we were watching a nice little old lady slowly vanish under a newly forming sand dune. The teacher got very excited about it and made a time elapse film of it which he said he could show back at school. David from year 17g was not entirely happy because the little old lady was his granny and he wanted to save her but the teacher said it would ruin his film. We think she was OK in the end because when we were leaving her poodle was trying to dig her out again, David said he would ring her later to make sure she got home. He was still very worried but we did try to cheer him up by saying she was now a film star and we could all do a film re-enactment in the school long jump pit tomorrow.

On the way home we stopped for fish and chips in Llanfair Caereinion right outside Auntie Karen’s house I don’t think she was in because I could not hear any saxophones anywhere, unfortunately we did not have time to stop and knock at the door. Once we got back to school I found out I was not going on the field trip this week and everyone except mum and dad thought I had been abducted by aliens that eat children as there have been a few rumours of 17 foot aliens with 9 feet and 5 arms hiding in the storm drains that like to eat children and adults under five foot eight inches. I have asked mum about that but she said IDIOTS. Not sure if she means the aliens or the people they eat.

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