Saturday, 26 March 2011

Clocks that move in the Night

I hope everyone remembers it is British summer time tomorrow so we all have to move our clocks forward by one hour at some point. I think the official time is two in the morning but I will do it either last thing tonight if I remember or in the morning if I remember. Unfortunately I have to do all the clocks in the house as its one of my jobs.

Mum and dad both say they think the time should just stay put and if I didn’t change them all they would just carry on using the same time. I don’t like moving time either I always feel jet lagged for days after, even the dog is unhappy and insists that he needs extra food to compensate for all the stress involved. The only good bit about loosing an hour is I like to leave all the jobs I don’t like for the hour I loose so I can start them; move all the clocks and finish them, and I will have spent a whole hour doing the jobs I don’t like in just a couple of minutes. Unfortunately I can only do this once a year but it sort of makes up for all the jet lag and mum, dad, the dog and Captain Flint the Parrot and me all being grumpy.

Pirate Pete says he has never moved his clocks because he uses the sun and the stars and if it’s dark its night and if it’s light its day and if it’s dinner time he eats his dinner. I asked him what he does if he has to catch a train but he said what’s a train and I did try and explain it’s a long box with wheels on that is hot and smelly and full of people who are all squeezed in and have to stand for hours. I also said they never arrive on time or are stopped by leaves and things like squirrels. Anyway he said he didn’t like the sound of them and has decided he will avoid them now, I also said they were very expensive to go on so he is a bit confused why people do, so am I now I’m glad I have the Einstein Cube.

I have been helping with the last bit of painting in my bedroom today and it  is all nice and OOO lovely now and not Goth anymore that is not right is it but there are more rooms to go yet luckily I have my posh cylindrical copper shed, workshop, den at the end of the garden which is good.  

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