Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Astronouts and Chas and Dave chase rabbits out of the bath

At school the teacher was asking what we all wanted to be when we got older, I said I was planning to be a writer as I have already started writing my diary, have a ghost writer to help and a proof reader to spot any strange errors. The teacher was well impressed and said that in two days time on Thursday it will be World Book Day.

Harry said he was going to be a devil worshiper and sacrifice every one of the checkout staff in the big supermarket, the teacher did say being a devil worshiper was not so much a career as a vocation and not something that would help on his CV. The teacher also said that he will let the supermarket manager know that devil worshipers were planning on sacrificing his staff for being rubbish as it might help them speed up a bit; and he would not have to queue as long. Some on the girls said they wanted to be on X Factor and be celebrities but the teacher did point out they would only be famous for fifteen minutes so it is a very short career and best suited to brainless bimbo’s. Then he had a little think and said it was the perfect choice for them. One girl said NOT FAIR but the others said O GOODY GOODY.

When I got off the bus I saw an astronaut walking down the street, at first I thought it must be someone testing a career as an astronaut but it turned out to be Miss Fiona. She said she had been asked to go to a Bollywood party but at the last one lots of people got very drunk and so she has borrowed a disguise so she can go to another party instead in Bath. It is an old Roman town full of baths so I guess that’s why it’s called Bath. It is famous because it once flooded because there was a plague of Rabbits and Hares and they blocked all the drains. A man with a plunger had to chase all the Rabbits and Hares away by shouting at them so the water could go. Funnily our bath at home got blocked this morning but we never found any Rabbits in it, but Welsh Rabbits are rare; well medium rare. The dog just said WELL DONE and has fallen about laughing?

Elaine Kerley                Love the dog!

Fiona Knight           I think all the welsh rabbits are all at a party today as today is a special day for rabbits that live in Wales as they all get chance to sit in giant chair - I asked if I could go to their party but they said that gravity still exists eve...n in a space suit and that I would break their special chair which is usually belongs to David or Dewi as the rabbits are calling him today, apparently he used to be the Saint, but I never saw him on the tv programme back in the seventies, mind you I can't see anything now not in this silly suit - I'm an astronaut GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Halo Miss Fiona friend of the saint I did wonder if you might get stuck in your astronaut suit I think you need to find a man called Dave to fix the zip or what ever astronaut suits have.  That reminds me it was Saint David and his friend Chas did that rabbit song was it not. I see you found a pair of the designer sunglasses that fell out of the sky about a week ago it makes you look like one of mums spy colleagues now so I should call you Miss Fionaski  


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