Thursday, 10 March 2011

Albert Einstein the stick and the dog show

Pythagoras the dog has talked Mr Jenkins into letting him watch what he says is the greatest dog show on earth Crufts because we do not have a television.  It is very nice of Mr Jenkins to do that but the dog did say he would supply the cans of beer and crisps and popcorn so I think that is why Mr Jenkins is letting him go.

I just hope the dog is better behaved than last year when he watched it at Auntie Karen’s house she had to cover the television screen with chicken wire because the dog kept throwing empty beer cans at the tele and shouting RUBBISH. The dog is not impressed with some of the Crufts dogs saying they can’t do maths or physics and don’t speak 76 languages like he does and all they do is go WOOF and wag their tails. He was moaning for weeks after the show last year and said the overall winner would not have a clue who Albert Einstein was even if he threw a stick for it and said “the elliptical arc formed by the curve of the stick is a product of gravity time and space. Now fetch”. On top of that the dog was grumbling about the fact that Albert Einstein was rubbish at throwing sticks anyway.  It would be much better if the dog did not watch it but he recons you don’t get enough dogs on the TV but as both mum and dad tell it we don’t have a TV.

 At least the dog will have a good laugh at the agility section he has never worked out why the dogs weave in and out all those sticks when its faster just to run up one side and it is much quicker to go through a wall rather than over it. He also says it is all well and good for the owners to trot round the display ring like an idiot but dogs should have more dignity.  I do wonder why he does go and watch it each year but dad said its like supporting your favourite team who are really bad; playing some really good team and hoping it will all go right but it doesn’t, like Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest

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