Sunday, 27 February 2011

City Bankers, Owls and Bats

Mercedes and Mr Pickup headed back into The Great Metropolis this morning; they say they will be back in the summer. Mr Pickup said it is nice to come to the countryside because people here don’t hate him . It might be to do with the fact that no one knows he’s a high flying city banker.  We are nice, well mainly nice as we are not very good with Britney Spears songs so none of the neighbours sing them now.

Dad sometimes mutters things about city bankers although he does say it wrong if mum is not about; mum does point out that when the banks crashed dad went out and bought loads of bank shares and so he has made money from all the greedy ******* dealers in the city.  Dad insists they are a long term investment in the fabric of the financial stability of the county and that if everyone did that and not buy sell buy sell everyday just for personal gain the country would have much better weather. I am not sure that last bit is right. But dad insists that the bad weather is all the fault of fly by night city dealers and traders.  I think it would be fun to be a fly by night trader, I could sell Owls and Bats and Moths and things like that it would be great fun, mum said IDIOT to dad but she said IDIOT to me too. I asked mum if I could set up a stall in the front garden when it was dark to sell things that fly by night. She shook her head but said yes, that is very confusing.  I will go and collect things to sell now.

A few hours later

 I have set up my stall and am now selling things that fly by night I found a Barn Owl and two Tawny Owls only they keep screeching at me so I think it will be hard to sell them unless they go quiet. I have a good selection of bats but the only one I know the name of is the Long Eared Bat because it has long ears. And I have a whole load of moths and creepy crawly critters; I have tied tiny Lego tyres with very fine tread to one of their legs like they used to do with goats to stop them flying away. I have a long perch for the owls and the bats. The bats are hanging under it and the owls are sat on top.  I am having to keep an eye on them all because the owls think the bats are food and the bats think the moths are food, and the moths keep playing hula hoops with the Lego tyres. I’m sure it should be easier than this to have a little fly by night stall in the garden.

And even later still, almost bedtime  

I spent ages on the stall but if was a bit of a failure because the owls got bored and flew away then the bats and the only buyer for the moths wanted to stick pins in them all and put them in a glass case. Well that’s not nice so I let them all go although one of them has pinched a Lego tyre   

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