Monday, 28 February 2011

Antique IKEA furniture and the skip of eternal fire

We have some IKEA furniture in the workshop that dad has been storing for a friend, dad’s friend said they are valuable antique IKEA bits of furniture but the antique dealer that came to look at them this morning said it will be at least another one million years before anything from IKEA is an antique. Dad is not happy he does not want to store his friends stuff for the next one million years.

I was asking if an antique dealer was a bit like a city dealer only older but apparently that’s not quite right. Mum did imply that you have to keep a close eye on both of them because they are both good at doing the trick with the three shells and a pea.  Pirate Pete said he lost his first pirate ship with that trick and his second and his third, but he did win his forth so every thing was OK. I did tell him he was still two ships down but he said he hadn’t thought about that.

Dad is trying to convince his friend that we should douse the IKEA furniture in petrol, set fire to it and catapult it over the lake in the park into a skip also filled with petrol, it would be a really cool end to the stuff and we could sell tickets to the public to come and see it. In fact dad recons he could start a business doing it and make a fortune, but mum has pointed out that the price of petrol is now so high he would have to charge at least one hundred and fifty pounds a ticket or seventy five for concessions like pensioners or children etc. So it’s a bit of a no goer really and dads friend still thinks his antique IKEA furniture is going to be worth loads of money one day, mum has said IDIOTS, not sure if she means dad me or dads friend or IKEA.

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