Thursday, 17 February 2011

17th Feb Almost sunny and No BRUSSEL SPROUTS

Dad got in a strop today with the internet; he had to check something in his banking only he forgot his password. He was complaining that he now has at least twenty passwords for different things and keeps getting told oooo no don’t write passwords down or use the same one.

Then when he phoned someone up to sort it out they asked him all these security questions that he cant remember the answers too either. So he then failed and was told he had to start from the start again and set everything up new. Dad didn’t like that and set fire to the computer and keyboard with the flame thrower, he has done this before. He said he hates all that plastic rubbish anyway. And he might just build a prober computer with brass knobs and glowing thermionic values and cat’s whiskers etc. He said he was going to do that once before too but built a stream powered till for Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very strange Victorian Curiosity Shop instead. Mr Beelzebub was very pleased he likes all that hissing and steam and said it keeps all the change lovely and hot, Mum and dad get 10% discount now when they buy stuff.

It was a much better day today weather wise, and not raining, so more people are out and about and doing things although according to the dog it will rain again in the next couple of days. The dog uses the old ways like watching the trees and talking to the fish, smelling rocks and eating very large bones to predict the weather. Even the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine says it will not predict the weather although it did add it will be a lovely warm spring and early summer followed by a huge storm. The dog is all excited now it loves storms, I have pointed out we are going to have a nice spring and summer first.

Thursday is the day when we have veggies delivered to us from a farm shop so they are nice and fresh only last week the man hid brussel sprouts in a plain brown paper bag which everyone thought was mushrooms, only they were not. We all hate brussel sprouts including the dog so they must be bad, so the man better get it right today or he will be in trouble.

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